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As I See It - With Bob Quick

  • February 28, 2024
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • 3590 N. Pescado Way, Meridian
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As I See it - With Bob Quick

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  • Join us as we learn from a Master Photographer about Landscape Photography. How he sees images before pressing the shutter to how he works on them in Photoshop.  Dinner with Bob before the program is optional at 5:00 at Pueblo Lindo.

    From Bob: "I am not a photoshop guru (but you don’t have to be). I am not a world leader in landscape and fine art photography. I am just a guy who has been in love with photography and tries to express what I feel through this beautiful art for over 50 years.  I do not photograph for image comp judges, I photograph for me. I am truly a novice in this new digital world. I am still learning the technical maze.  I think in terms of film and darkroom.   My love is black and white.  I will try to convey my feelings and thought process in this “As I See It” discussion. You will go away with a basic knowledge of my photoshop techniques.  I will share with you the darkroom of my mind and my struggle with photoshop to achieve what I did with film and printing techniques.  I love the transformation of ordinary scenes into feelings.  The modern digital world is still mystifying and exciting to me.  I will attempt to share with you my previsualization process, zone system metering, composition, interpreting tonality, texture and depth.  I’ll try to break down my thinking process for you to consider.  Overall, my process is closely related to the Gestalt theory which in simple terms isn’t about just the rules but seeing the overall.  Definition: The classic principles of the gestalt theory of visual perception include similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure/ground, and symmetry & order (also known as prägnanz)."

    Pre-visualization with the final print in mind: 

     What do I feel?

    What am I thinking?

    What am I seeing?

    What is moving me?

    Can I express that to others?

    Bob will:

    Analyze the whole sum of the scene (light direction, tonality, textures, elements of the scene, etc.)

    Look at how I choose exposure settings to hold the highlight

    Always think of the final presentation 

    Share what he uses in photoshop

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