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Building a strong community through people, education and leadership.

Why join Professional Photographers of Idaho?

If you're here, you are most likely looking towards the next step in your photographic journey. We are here to help.

Joining us is easy - just hit the link at the bottom of the page.  Any questions? - !!

To the Aspiring Photographer:

1.  Increase your networking with like-minded professionals and creatives!  A great way to learn!

2.  Access to many high quality educational programs at a discount!  Members get discounted rates on convention, retreats, and other educational opportunities.

3.  Take your business and career to a new level!

4.  Work toward your degree in the photographic arts!

5.  Have your name listed in the Find-a-Photographer directory for Idaho.

6.  Exclusive offers from preferred vendors.

To the established Pro:

1.  Like minded creatives feed YOUR creativity!

2.  Build and nurture relationships with other photographers.

3.  Share insights, struggles and successes with your peers!

4.  Help preserve and protect your profession for future generations!

5.  Raise the bar on Professional Photography!

6.  Participate in Print Competition, push your work to the next level!

7.  Declare for - and work towards your Idaho Fellow!

8.  Have your name listed in the Find-a-Photographer directory for Idaho.

9.  Exclusive offers from preferred vendors.

10.  Enjoy the community that is -- Professional Photographers of Idaho!

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