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What your customers can do:

      • Please do not enter studio space if you are, or have recently been ill.
      • Please wash hands before you come to us.
      • If you sneeze cover it with a tissue and discard it right away.
      • Please do not touch our photographic equipment - lights, stands, etc..

What we'll do:

  • Provide a clean environment for you to enter.
  • We will routinely clean high-touch surfaces like tables, stools, etc.
  • We'll clean and sanitize before you arrive and again after you leave.
  • We'll provide tissues, hand sanitizer and a waste receptacle for your use.
  • Wear a mask while working if there's any concerns.

What we ask:

Please communicate with us.  Call, text or email any concerns you may have.  Our process tends to be mostly contact less.  However there are some 'touch points' that are typical during our process.  If you are concerned - let's discuss it!

We're excited to be getting back to business with you!

Based on SWDH/CDH 'recommended Guidance for Business' dated 4/20/2020

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