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Print Competition

2017 PPI Print Competition Merit Images


Ice Maiden                                                                            82Alvi, Jennifer

Her Gaze                                                                                82Alvi, Jennifer

Lost in Lavender                                                                  80Alvi, Jennifer

Just Dance                                                                             84Baron, Sherri

Ice Fishing                                                                             80Davidson, Jill

Worth The Wait                                                                    80Davidson, Jill

Champian                                                                               85Fassett, Skye

Tool Time                                                                               85Fassett, Skye

Queen of Hearts                                                                    82Fassett, Skye

Endless Cascade                                                                    80Fassett, Skye

The Cattleman                                                                       86Gadsby, Travis

Shaking the Sand from My Soul                                        82Gadsby, Travis

Clinging to Autumn                                                              82Hammon, Cheri

Winter's Palette                                                                     81Hammon, Cheri

Ciao Bella Kitty                                                                      81Hammon, Cheri

Venetian Front Door Parking                                             81Hammon, Cheri

Spiral                                                                                       84Hammon, Dennis

Industrial Spider                                                                   81Hammon, Dennis

Steps Through the Ages                                                       81Hammon, Dennis

Pastel Passage                                                                        84Hammon, Dennis

Everything the light touches                                               83Huffaker, Fabiana

Who needs a prince?                                                            82Marvin, Samuel

Champions are forged from the fire within                     80Marvin, Samuel

Rub-A-Dub-Dub                                                                    80Moon, Jillyn

Sugar and Spice                                                                     80Moon, Jillyn

Up the Down Staircase                                                         80Newsome, Susannah

If These Walls Could Talk                                                    81Newsome, Susannah

Brush Strokes                                                                         80Oates, Jennifer

The Rancher                                                                           81Oates, Jennifer

Sugar & Spice                                                                         81Spencer, Robin

Rock Solid                                                                               83Spencer, Robin

All Their Kids                                                                         80Spencer, Robin

Camry & Kaden                                                                     80Spencer, Robin

Beautiful Dreamer                                                                81Stallings, Leah

Miss Scarlet                                                                            80Stallings, Leah

A beauty of a woman is seen in her eyes                          80White, Phil

Defying Gravity                                                                      81White, Phil

Cascade Haven                                                                       84White, Phil

Reflective Misconceptions                                                   82White, Phil

His Lucky Finn                                                                       81White, Phil

Eternal Sunshine                                                                   84Zimmerman, Kelly

Mommy's Heirloom                                                              84Zimmerman, Kelly

Blowing Out Of A Creative Funk                                        86Zimmerman, Kelly

Summoning The Ice Ages                                                    86Zimmerman, Kelly